Todayland is a free collection of resources and writings, created to support your body, mind, and spirit.

We are interested in what makes us feel alive today. How do we cultivate a strong body, a spacious mind, and a vital spirit? How do we tune out the noise and spend our days on what really matters?

If you are a curious human who is interested in tuning into the deep rhythms of today and tapping into your vitality, then we invite you to explore Todayland.


Peter & Keeley Creators of Todayland


We wrote a weekly Todayland newsletter for 4(!) years. Each week, we sent out a thought and a bodyweight workout.

We’ll be collecting some of our favorite writings from over the years here:

Todayland Writings

Our At-Home Course: Sustainable Strength


Sustainable Strength is an energizing at-home program designed to build functional strength for life.

Learn more and sign up for the next launch of our course:

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